how come john lennon was shot by a fan and robin thicke still lives


yes hello police i would like to report SHOTS FIRED

Not at robin thicke 

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Happy 25th birthday, Daniel Jacob Radcliffe! (July 23, 1989)

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3 types of trash


People who leak other peoples nudes

People who defend people who leak nudes

People who blame the person who’s nudes were leaked

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hairdressers??? how do they do that??? how can they cut the hai r when it’s wet and kno itll be ok and even??? ppl who speak more than one language and can read books in other languages and think in other languages?? ppl who can do long division in their heads?? ppl who can balance chemical equations?? doctors?? surgeons?? ppl who can remember dates?? and phone numbers?????? ALL AMAZING

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my life goals

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